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Sales Tax Audit Defense

Did you just receive a tax audit letter from the state?

Is your CPA firm or tax accountant not able or willing to defend you in the sales tax audit?

We are former state sales tax auditors and have significant experience in handling audits for Connecticut sales and use tax while most local accountants and general CPA firms are limited to experience with federal income tax and general accounting issues.

Many of our clients have realized that it is ideal to work with former Connecticut sales & use tax revenue examiners in order to be prepared for their sales tax audit defense. As former sales and use tax auditors, we know how to manage auditor's expectations. Our sales and use tax audit consultants can help your organization with sales and use tax audit defense through well developed tactical audit defense techniques.

If you or your accountant has done a good job in collecting and reporting sales taxes and maintaining sales report data, then most sales tax audits usually take 10 to 15 hours to close. We can remotely manage or be on site during the entire sales tax audit to shield you from answering prying questions from the auditor that may expose your entity to liabilities.

BC Consulting Group is hear serving as your shield and a level of protection for your sales and use tax audit defense purposes

Our Sales Tax Audit Defense Services include:

- Interfacing with the state sales & use tax auditor

- Manage the audit to minimize your sales tax liabilities

- Reviewing your sales records package before presenting to the sale tax auditor.

- Reviewing and taking the necessary action on the sales tax auditor's tax assessment result