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Sales Tax Compliance

Taxpayers juggle thousands of products and services and applicable sales and use tax laws with compliance hard to manage especially with the constant changes in taxability determinations. These changes happen ever year and can include changes in taxing jurisdictions and luxury levels which result in taxpayers unknowingly both over-collecting on some products and under-collecting on others. The cost of these sales and use tax compliance violations significantly compound over time and especially when discovered during the audit review process

Historically, there has been no method to link sales and use tax compliance to each specific product that our clients provide until now! BC Consulting Group identifies product taxability via constant and consistent review of client systems and procedures in an effort to relieve the tedious burden of managing the changes in Connecticut sales and use law. Our sales and use tax compliance service staff helps streamline the cost of staying up to date with current sales and use tax laws while ensuring that you are 100% sales and use tax compliant.

BC Consulting Group provides Connecticut state sales and use compliance to our clients with reliable automated monthly processing and remittance of transaction based sales and use tax returns.

We meet all remittance requirements including paper return generation, return audit trail preparation and hard copy checks or electronic transmission initiation.

BC Consulting Group has the experienced team, resources and commitment to understanding Connecticut Sales and Use Tax laws necessary to provide our clients with the attention to detail and personal service that your company deserves. The full scope of our services and practice areas extends well beyond those detailed in this website. Please contact us directly for a free consultation.

Sales and Use Tax