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Sales Tax Filing Service

We offer significant experience in the accurate and timely filing of Connecticut sales and use tax returns to the state. During the preparation and filing of your sales and use tax returns, we develop appropriate audit trails or records to expedite the review in future audits. We differentiate ourselves from software suppliers that provide automated filings without the understanding of what state auditors are looking for.

When we prepare and file sales tax returns for your company, we ensure that tax payment records have trails that can be quickly validated by an auditor so to minimize disruptions to your everyday business during the audit. We know how to present sales tax information in a simple way to auditors so they can finish quickly. There is no need to educate auditors about tools like SAP, Vertex, ADP, Sabrix, Oracle, Avatax, Avalara, CCH or other proprietary or customized tools that may need an IT team and a few days to export data. Future export of past data may not reconcile with previously filed tax payments due to natural system or updates over the years. By utilizing our sales and use tax filing service, you avoid these issues and are able to focus your efforts on other company efforts and revenues.

Our Sales Tax Filing Service includes:

- Tracking State Sales Tax Rates

- Utilizing updated Sales Tax Forms

- Payment Initiation

- Timely Filing

- Summary Reports

- Resolve Filing notices with the State

We provide excellent out of state clients with Connecticut sales and use tax compliance services without the high costs associated with complex sales tax software solutions. Our filing experts are also available for professional sales and use tax consulting.

Our out of state clients BC Consulting Groups sales tax return preparation process is simple and easy. Send us your monthly sales report and we will prepare your return for your your approval and funding. There is no vendor management required. There is no hidden costs of integration, training, learning curve, use of custom tools, software or hardware maintenance, or IT support. We save time and costs.

To help you with Connecticut sales and use tax questions or filing services, our professional sales tax consultants are experts in:

General Sales Tax Issues

State Sales Tax Filing

State Sales Tax Audit